Christian’s Tailgate
April 5th, 2009 by Joemoney

Christian's Tailgate

10 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 1010 votes, average: 9.00 out of 10
(10 votes, average: 9.00 out of 10)
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The Voter’s Dilemma – img_0096

In late 2007 a friend of mine was working as technical support for voting some precincts in Harris County in Houston, TX. His day consisted of a lot of driving around from precinct to precinct, navigate to this website – SecurityInfo when you want next level security at your home, or if you want to take care of it yourself as an extra safety strategy you can buy a camera to record any strange thing that happens, it’s a great tool and with the tape if something actually happens you can go and take the evidence to the police, best one in the market is being sold in amazon, the police body camera it’s actually specialized for police and law enforcement equipment. Around lunch time he gave me a call asking if I wanted to join him for the “best burger” in Houston. To this I replied “Absolutely!” He took me to the original Christian’s location on Washington Ave off of I-10. I’ve passed by this place many times before but mistook it for a storage shed for the construction site next door. This was due to the building being made mostly of corrugated tin. If it wasn’t for the full parking lot and line of people almost out the door, I would have been worried for my lunch’s sake. The menu at Christian’s is fairly straightforward. You have a few choices of burgers 1/3lb, 1/2lb, or full 1lb. I ordered my usual 1/3rd lb with cheese with every thing on it. Another thing to note is that at Christian’s you have to wait. That’s not a bad thing just something to expect. If they are really busy the wait can be around twenty minutes. Christian’s does a good job of managing expectations though. You are given a number and get to quietly sit as your anticipation builds as the number gets closer and closer to yours. My number was  finally announced over the nearly indiscernible speaker.

Christians Tailgate BurgerDecision Time –

I ordered the 1/3rdlb combo with cheese which included either fries or onion rings, and a drink. I went with the fries and got a root beer. When my burger arrived all of my expectations were met. The burger was tightly wrapped in deli paper. I find that a good indicator of how good a burger is going to be is by how clear the paper is that wraps the burger. This paper was almost see through. MMmmmm…. The 1/3rdlb patty seemed more like a half pound and is probably one of the best seasoned patties I’ve had. It is also extremely juicy but not extremely messy. I still needed a napkin after every bite though. The bun is buttered and toasted adding an excellent texture and flavor to the burger. The whole package comes together with the veggies. The fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles added to many positives for this burger.

The Wrap it Up –

When I was first brought to Christian’s, I was promised the “Best Burger in Houston”. Christian’s has held that award in many different polls over the past few years and in my opinion deservedly so. While some burgers have good and bad components, Christian’s is one of the few that I’ve had that consistently is a great all around burger! For me, each bite is the perfect burger. It’s the combination of all of the ingredients that makes this burger so enjoyable. I’ve since been back to Christian’s more times than I can can count and have brought many friends, co-workers, and family to try this great burger. The consensus has been that is is one of the best burger’s in Houston and maybe America!!

Hint – If you like Onion Rings, Christian’s has some of the best. If you can’t decide on whether to get onion rings or french fries with your burger just ask for “half and half” and you’ll get both!

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10 Responses  
  • BillyOceansEleven writes:
    April 6th, 20092:50 pmat

    I’d agree with your assessment that this is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The burger is nice and juicy and very well seasoned. However, the double burger is way too much for even me to handle. I do think the patties are closer to half-pounders rather than third-pounders, making biting into the double nearly impossible.

    I found it to be a somewhat messy burger, but perhaps because the last time I did the double and because of my affinity for ketchup. I totally put about twice what a normal person would, and then pour some on the plate for dipping with each bite.

  • DisapprovingWife writes:
    April 6th, 20094:31 pmat

    Not only is this a really good burger, but the fries are good as well. An A+ in my book. The only criticism I could possibly find is that it can be a little messy. I don’t really like burger juices running down my arm while I’m trying to enjoy my burger. Other than that, I’d say it’s my favorite burger meal.

    If you’re wary of the wait, there’s a shuffle board and tons of TV’s to pass the time.

  • malonear writes:
    April 7th, 200912:04 amat

    Let me sum up my 9/10 burger rating by stating that this is the burger that inspired me to seek out Burger Tyme for the sole purpose of telling others what a fantastic burger this is. I had my last Christian’s burger on Saturday 4/4. I ordered the 1/3lb burger with cheese and all the fixings. Much to my delight the burger arrived in a perfectly presented plastic basket surrounded by crisp fries. From the very first bite I was reminded of what burger heaven must be like. I swear I saw angelic cows flying around me praising me for enjoying this triumph of the grill. The burger patty itself was quite thick – you would swear that the 1/3lb patty is really a 1/2lb. The patty was full of incredible juices and was the perfect medley of salt and flavor. No description would be complete without mentioning the veggies that accompanied this tastebud pleaser. The onion, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles came together in a delicious symphony of flavor. The other toppings (mustard and a little mayo) seemed to bind everything together. The bread must have been baked fresh that morning. All too often burgers are served on dry bread – not the case at Christian’s. To top it off, we even saw the man himself – Christian. Please do yourself a favor and get a burger – it’s worth a trip to Houston. And if you do make it, call me so I can grab another burger.

  • clemel1 writes:
    April 14th, 20091:45 pmat

    This is a really good burger. One of the best. 🙂

  • shelbytyme writes:
    April 17th, 200912:48 amat

    Taaaaaasty, really nice and juicy. Great bun and good fries. I could hardly finish it because it was so big but i didn’t want to stop eating it! It’s that good.

  • Shay writes:
    April 17th, 200911:30 amat

    This is the best burger I have had…at least out of the ones I can remember. I echo the previous comments, but would also suggest ordering a side of honey mustard to dip the fries in. It’s excellent.

  • In-n-Out | Burger Tyme writes:
    June 17th, 200910:38 amat

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  • ribdaddy writes:
    April 20th, 20103:37 pmat

    Christians is excellent. You must try the onion rings. I prefer the atmosphere of the I-10 location to the Midtown location. The Midtown location feels like you are still in college.

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  • Johnny C writes:
    February 22nd, 20112:56 pmat

    I ate at Christian’s on Saturday and while we waited a LONG time to get our burgers… it was well worth the wait. I live in San Antonio and I’ve eaten all of the greatest burgers here. None of them compare to Christian’s. Delicious!

  • Burger Tyme - Elevation Burger | Burger Tyme writes:
    February 6th, 201312:16 amat

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