In-N-Out Burger
June 17th, 2009 by Joemoney

In-n-Out Burger9 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 109 votes, average: 8.11 out of 10
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In-N-Out Burger



The much touted and highly anticipated In-N-Out Burger. While this burger chain is only in western states, I’ve been hearing about “Animal Style” this and “It’s so great” that since I was fifteen. Well, a few years ago my brother was getting married in Las Vegas (his wife is from there) and we all made the trip to the Strip.

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Along with the Hoover Dam and Slurpees what did I find in that desert city of lights? In-N-Out Burger!! My memory of In-N-Out was that it was so good that my younger brother and I ate there each of the four days we were there, including us stopping there on our way to the reception from the wedding. I loved it so much, in fact, that I emailed them to inquire about franchising opportunities thinking one would do well in Baton Rouge. Their response was that they were a family owned company and do not franchise but they would keep Louisiana in mind for possible expansion. My response was if they are family owned, is there perhaps an In-N-Out heiress to whom I could wed to get in on the business…. Six years later, no In-N-Out in Louisiana.

Most recently my wife was in California with her family for my sister-in-law’s wedding (I’m starting to notice a pattern). I insisted that they try In-N-Out. I raved about how great the Animal style burger is, how fresh the fries are, how happy the people are to server you. I also asked them to document their experience there so that we could get it up on Burger Tyme.



I’m going to hearken back to my first memory of my In-N-Out order. The menu is simple, at first. Burgers, fries, drinks…. That’s it. That’s all they have on the menu. But wait! There is the secret menu. While it’s no real secret it does make ordering kind of fun. I ordered the double double (double cheese burger) animal style, with fries and a drink. While we were ordering you could see a person behind the counter cutting potatoes into fries. That’s how fresh they are! The animal style request means that they are going to double fry the patty with mustard, put grilled onions on it, and add special sauce. When I got my order I remember be overwhelmed by the flavor. While the patty was smallish, the double meat more than makes up for it. The bun was buttered and toasted on the griddle which I found particularly good. The cheese was melted perfectly over the patties and added to the juiciness of the whole package. The veggies were not particularly prominent in this burger, although, the grilled onions were great. I mentioned previously that the fries were fresh cut. They were, in my opinion, fried perfectly. They were crispy on the outside and a little soft on the inside. Not overcooked. They were so good that my dad placed a second order of fries after we had all finished our meals. I regret that I did not try the shakes. I’ve heard they are good. The “fry sauce” they serve there was pretty good. It seemed to be nothing more than ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together.

The Wrap-It-Up-


Ahhh memories… While I haven’t had it in a while, my wife’s recent trip confirmed how I remember it. In-N-Out Burger was and is a great Burger Tyme. The prices are reasonable and the quality is amazing. I only wish that they had them nearby so that I could eat it more frequently. Maybe that’s the magic of it. For me, it is some far off dream of what the perfect burger joint would be, only meant to be experienced a few times in one’s life… Here is my plea:

Dear In-N-Out,

Please bring your delicious food closer to those who love it. While I’ve considered making the trip to the west merely to eat an animaled up cheeseburger, I find the cost of plane tickets to be prohibitively expensive. For now I must settle for Christian’s Totem or Hubcap Grill but they are different burgers all together, and Five Guy’s, while very good for a chain burger doesn’t compare. Please In-N-Out. Please.

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13 Responses  
  • BillyOceansEleven writes:
    June 18th, 20093:20 pmat

    I must admit that I drooled on my keyboard just a bit reading this post and seeing the images of these beautiful burgers!

    This is everything a fast food burger should be. I don’t see how McDonald’s or anybody else even competes out west with these dreams with a drive-thru around.

  • disapproving wife writes:
    June 19th, 20092:42 pmat

    I think this place was too hyped up for me. The burgers were good, but not anything amazing. And the fries were crispy but tasteless. The service was really good though. Also, everything was pretty clean. If I had to choose any fast food place to get a burger, this would definitely be the one I’d go to.

  • malonear writes:
    June 22nd, 200912:02 amat

    IN-N-Out, while very good, is not in the same class of burger joint as a Christian’s or Hubcap. Yes, their burgers are juicy and fresh. But their fries are so-so and kind of wimpy. I agree with disapproving wife, that the place is usually very tidy and that’s a plus but please, let’s not confuse this place with the real deal. In terms of fast food, In-N-Out reigns supreme. I would never consider a trip to In-N-Out an “experience” as I do some of the other esteemed establishments on this site. It’s simply a quick and easy way to grab a delicious bite to eat.

  • jarotolo2 writes:
    June 25th, 20097:26 amat

    Over-rated. Clap. Clap. Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap. Over-rated!

    Go to Whataburger.

  • mcspazm writes:
    October 25th, 20098:06 pmat

    Best of the chains. I like mine animal style.

    I don’t care for their fries, but I can’t put my finger on why.

    They motivate their employees as they are friendly and go out of their way to take care of you.

  • joecoffee writes:
    December 22nd, 20096:10 pmat

    Our son’s friend works at In N Out and says that every employee gets a double double when they arrive for work and another when their shift is over. We asked him if anybody ever gets tired of burgers and skips it and he said “No way does anybody ever skip their burger – I’ve had 42 of them in the past 21 days but I’m feeling a little tired and sluggish”. He also suggested animal style which we are going to go try tonight. Can’t wait! We already love their food so this will be something new.

  • ribdaddy writes:
    April 20th, 20103:58 pmat

    I have spent a few years living in California. In n’ Out is overrated but still very good. My favorite is the single cheeseburger ‘animal style’ with light dressing. I like the simplicty of the menu, the sponge bread, the fresh cut fries, and the well paid quality service. I am nervous about the rapid expansion they have done lately. Hope their quality dilluted with the expansion.

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  • Shayla writes:
    February 17th, 20111:15 pmat

    Just got back from Vegas and made a special trip off the strip to go to In-N-Out because I’ve always heard such rave reviews. I just got the normal cheeseburger and fries (was slightly disappointed that they didn’t have the option to add bacon). I wasn’t sure how the food was going to taste because the total for my husband and me (2 burgers, fries, 2 drinks, and 2 milkshakes) was only $14. However, I was definitely impressed! Everything is made fresh and it’s really delicious. As mentioned in a comment above, it’s no Christian’s, but if these were here in the South, I would definitely be a regular. Fries were ok, tasted yummy because they were fresh, but needed seasoning to put them over the edge. Overall, great service, clean establishment, good food. Thumbs up from me!

  • ThatHK writes:
    May 10th, 20114:11 pmat

    I was super excited to eat here when I went to San Francisco for a training but I was sadly disappointed when I took my first bite. To me there was nothing special at all about this burger is was like a regular old fast food burger. Maybe I just had a bad experience and I need to venture out and give In-N-Out another try. Here’s hoping for a better burger next time around.

  • Aquaria writes:
    May 20th, 20117:05 amat

    You have got to be kidding. You rated this third-rate disaster of a burger higher than Chris Madrid’s in San Antonio?

    In-N-Out is nowhere near as good as Whataburger. Heck–it’s barely better than McDonald’s.

    What is the matter with you?

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