2010 Annual Halloween Pumpkin Contest

2010 Annual Halloween Pumpkin Contest


We have a winner! It was a close one! We had a record 73 votes this year. Taking in 13 votes is the 2010 winner –

#6 – Boot Strap!!!!!

The official vote counts can be found next to the pumpkin photos. Thanks to all who participated and made this our most successful contest ever. Until next year!


Today we are taking a break from seeking the best burgers in the world and are now seeking out the best Pumpkins in the world.

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The rules are simple, below you will find the pumpkin carvings from various members of our family (posted anonymously). All we ask is that you leave a comment voting for your favorite. Voting officially ends at midnight on Halloween! PS stencils are discouraged…

#1 – Halloween Encounter – (7 Votes)

You should never trick or treat in Area 51,

It’s an encounter of the 4th kind.

#2 – Happy Grind-O-Ween – (1 Vote)

Almost as good as my birthday.

#3 – The Ghosts of Halloweens Past – (12 votes)

1980 that is. Not scared?

Just wait until you’re in the corner,

with no extra guys,

and all out of power pellets.

#4 – NEVERMORE – (8 Votes)

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Are his eyes that have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming.
And the candlelight thru him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor screams
vote for me or —nevermore!

#5 – I have a new kitten – (10 Votes… but unfortunately stencils don’t count)

Don’t wake him up or he looks like this.

!Stencil Alert!

#6 – Boot Strap – (13 Votes Winner!!!!!!)

This is the most stylish feline of all hallows eve! Mysterious, yet sensible in this seasonal appropriate footwear! You shouldn’t be caught dead casting your vote for anything else!

#7 – Lord Maximillain Swineherd – (8 Votes)

Joo chould twembewl in pfeer.

Vile I tvirls my moostache,

jour bwond vwomen ees tied

to ze twain twacks!


#8 – I ate Mufasa – (3 Votes)

and I’ll eat you too if you don’t vote for me!

#9 – Burn Baby Burn – (10 Votes)

I like it hot!

#10 – Rollie Fangers – (1 Vote)

Respect the stache!

!Copycat Alert!

65 Responses  
  • Jocelyn Hollis writes:
    October 27th, 20107:16 pmat

    I vote #1 on the basis of “Unique Qualities.”

  • Anita writes:
    October 27th, 20108:03 pmat

    I voted for #5 as I thought it was great

  • Shelby and Jonathan writes:
    October 27th, 201011:42 pmat

    2 votes for #3!

  • haggards writes:
    October 28th, 201011:39 amat

    I vote for #5. Too cute!

  • Jessica writes:
    October 28th, 201012:53 pmat

    I vote for #5, but I also REALLY like the alien one.

  • Cerissa writes:
    October 28th, 20103:33 pmat

    #3 gets my vote. With an honorable mention for #6.

  • Blanca writes:
    October 28th, 20108:39 pmat

    #5 I love it! 🙂

  • Juanes writes:
    October 29th, 20107:05 amat

    I vote for #4 it’s amazing.

  • Adam writes:
    October 29th, 20102:04 pmat

    #4 gives me the creeps.

  • Donna writes:
    October 29th, 20104:14 pmat

    I vote #1! I love alien movies, so this is my kind of pumpkin!

  • ashleyguercio writes:
    October 29th, 20105:03 pmat

    Oh number 3, how nostalgic you make me feel. I’m all grins and warm fuzzies with the clever cuteness of you.

  • Pat writes:
    October 30th, 20109:01 amat

    #5 is my #1!

  • Number 8 writes:
    October 30th, 20103:13 pmat

    Number 9 is number 1 and the rest are to eat.

  • Rachel London :-) writes:
    October 30th, 201011:52 pmat

    Hope this gets in before midnight!! I vote for #4 with #7 coming in a close 2nd! There were so many good ones I couldn’t hardly choose! This is so fun, thx for sharing!!! Happy Halloween to all!!

  • Maranda writes:
    November 1st, 20101:25 amat

    #5 is too cute!

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